Diving shouldn’t be expensive! Blue ParaDive Center presents a diving experience that is surely affordable and available to everyone, especially to people who just wanted to try it out. In just approximately 2 ½ hours travel from Manila, have an opportunity to see an amazing array of marine life like colorful shell-less marine mollusks (nudibranch), harlequin shrimps, and clownfishes (Nemo) among others. Truly a photographer‘s paradise – Anilao is the best spot for underwater macro photography. So come, discover dive heaven as you’ve never experienced before!
Try Diving Swimming Pool for only Php 2,000/ person (Reservation required)
  • 4 sessions per day (8am-10am; 10am – 12nn; 1pm – 3pm; 3pm – 5pm)
  • Includes complete scuba gears with dive computer
  • Includes one swimming pool training, maximum depth of 12ft
  • One to one dive master or instructor supervision
Introductory Dive for only Php 3,600/ person (Reservation required)
  • 2 sessions per day (8am-12nn and 1pm – 5pm)
  • Includes complete scuba gears with dive computer
  • Includes one swimming pool training max depth of 12ft + one shore dive training (max 20-30ft)
  • One to one dive master or instructor supervision
  Daily Fun Dive (Reservation required)
  • Daily schedules for 2 dives (8am-12nn and 1pm – 5pm)
  • Boat can return to resort after 2 dives or stay out for 3 to 4 dives with lunch depending on the booking
  • Includes boat dive, air tanks, weight belt, weight and dive master guide (4:1 ratio)
  • Full scuba rental equipment is available for only Php 1,200 per day
  Oversea DiveTravel Package (Reservation required)
  • Cater for oversea dive travel package, normally group of 6 or more, staying 5D4N or longer
  • Full day 2 to 3 dives with packed lunch
  PADI Courses (Reservation required)
  • Offer PADI courses up to Dive Master and specialities courses
  Special weekend trip (Reservation required)
  • Day trip dive safari to Puerto Galera, Verde, Luband Island and others
Certified Divers 1 Diver 2 Divers 3 Divers 4 Divers 5 Divers 6+ Divers
1 Boat Dive Php 6,000 Php 3,800 Php 3,400 Php 3,000 Php 2,600 Php 2,200
2 Dives (1 Boat trip) Php 7,100 Php 4,900 Php 4,500 Php 4,100 Php 3,700 Php 3,300
2 Dives (2 Boat trips) Php 9,600 Php 6,200 Php 5,400 Php 4,800 Php 4,200 Php 3,800
Night Boat Dive Php 6,500 Php 4,100 Php 3,600 Php 3,200 Php 2,800 Php 2,400
Day Shore Dive Php 1,800 Php 1,500 Php 1,300 Php 1,200 Php 1,100 Php 1,000
Night Shore Dive Php 2,400 Php 1,800 Php 1,500 Php 1,400 Php 1,300 Php 1,200

NOTE: All certified divers must present their C-Card before diving. All dives are non-decompression
only and a Dive Master shall control all dives. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact info@blueparadive.com for any inquiries.